New Found Glory – Sucker

Oohh no. Stupid stomach. (But good alliteration.) I thought it was just my medicine being evil to me again this morning but then the stomachache didn\’t go away despite my doubling over and moaning and wailing and all that good stuff, so I hope I didn\’t catch the fluish plague going around school. :/ Hm. Ginger ale and Saltines really do work some wonders, though. So I\’m finally feeling a little better, but I\’m so mad because I was feeling so ready to be productive today and do college apps and clean my room and wash my car and then no. Also I couldn\’t go to 5:30 Mass so I\’ll have to get up early for 7:30 tomorrow because.. must work at another Open House for school, arrgh. I know, I should just change the title of this to \”Listen to Lauren Whine.\” So uh, how\’s your life?

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