Hi, I\’m tired

BEARNAISE! That\’s the word I\’ve been trying to think of for the past few hours. Mmm, that\’s what I want. Filet mignon with bearnaise sauce. And some kind of potatoes would be good too. Yay, because I get to make dinner tonight.

Also, I can\’t believe I just found out about this today! How exciting. That I must see. Good thing it\’s not silent, right Michelle? Hee. Hee hee.

Why do you hurt, leg? Stop that, please.

Here\’s something for my college buddies! Oh, that everything were explained with cartoons.

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2 Responses to Hi, I\’m tired

  1. Natalie says:

    OH!! I am SO excited about Phantom of the Opera!! I just saw a preview for it the other day! It looks REALLY good!! Maybe we can see it together?!?!? Hope your leg feels better soon! :)

  2. Allie says:

    That guide makes me WANT to study… and study well. Haha.

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