Free week :)

Ten DOWN! Yeah! In your face, chemo. Four to go. I\’m getting antsy. I just hope it doesn\’t get too dragged out. :/ Starting tomorrow I get two shots a night, my regular white cell booster, plus now I\’m getting a little platelet booster too. (See, I knew there had to be something!) Supposedly it doesn\’t work too well, but if it helps at all, that will be good. I want to be done soon, please!!

So I got through this cycle without incident too! I hardly even felt sick. Awesome. And man I had a good sandwich for lunch today, mmmmm. Thanks for being nice, Stomach. :) My mom and I brought entertainment with us in the form of The Terminal and The Stepford Wives. They were both good, but I really liked The Terminal.. very funny and Tom Hanks was great. We had Stepford Wives on DVD not VHS so we brought my laptop to watch it, and ooooh laptop I love you. The graphics are so fabulous. Plus when we were done with the movies I could play Tetris and watch various SNL sketches (it needs more cowbell!) and Futurama episodes I\’ve downloaded. Good stuff! Wow, I am not doing too well with the typing tonight. Anyway, so, I am a happy girl at the moment. Hopefully will do some productive stuff this week with Christmas presents for people and stuff. Plus PT tomorrow. I have decided that I WILL be off crutches by Christmas, because I counted the weeks since my surgery the other day and on Friday it was ELEVEN WEEKS!!! and my doctor said crutches for six to eight weeks and I\’ve missed like 3 follow-up appointments with him now because of stupid chemo and infections and finally I will see him next week and maybe yell at him a little \’cause it\’ll feel good. Heh.

Two houses on my street have Christmas lights up already and they are so pretty and I looove it. I think I need to string some lights around the palm tree in my room because it will be fantastico. Well okay. I am done with the rambling now. Enjoy your week!

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