Turkey Day!!!

I\’m thankful that I felt well enough to snarf lots and LOTS of turkey, mashed potatoes, and rolls with buttahs (and didn\’t see any of it twice! ;). I\’m thankful that I got out of the hospital in time for dinner (even if it did mean waking up at 6:30am — on a holiday!). I\’m thankful for my nurses and doctors who take care of me and for a trustworthy protocol that\’s going to get rid of this mean, mean cancer (even if I pretty much know it\’s all gone already and this remaining chemo is pointless, blah). I\’m very thankful that I have such a fantastic family and I always have a parent with me in the hospital. I\’m thankful for everyone who prays for me and for all my friends who haven\’t forgotten me (yet! hehe). I\’m thankful that I am kind of/sort of almost done with this! And I\’m thankful that one day I am going to be better again. And I\’m thankful for youuu. :) The end! (I\’m also thankful for having food and a house and stuff, hooray!)

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