I\’m thankful for PIE!

Not a too-bad day. Don\’t feel too sick, haven\’t thrown up, still eating okay. All pros! The con? The CLOWNS came by and offered me Tofurkey slices, like, way to wave the most unappealing food item you can think of in a chemo patient\’s face. Talk about nausea. Very nice. Stupid clowns.

Anyway, I will attempt to eat tomorrow unless my stomach is completely not cooperating, because I\’m thinking future Thanksgivings may well be ruined if I get to \”enjoy it twice,\” as my dad so daintily put it the other day. But I will eat my mashed potatoes, if nothing else. (Partly because they\’re easier to throw up. You see? Strategy!)

Now that I\’ve throroughly disgusted and alienated all readers, I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! Eat some extra turkey for me. And by all means, stay far, FAR away from the Tofurkey slices. Unless you want to eat what looks like freeze-dried bologna. And I\’m kind of thinking… no, on that one.

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