the internet is awesome

Gah. Incessant dog barking. Make it stop!!! Today I am waiting on the chemo schedule. Couldn\’t start today because my platelets weren\’t quite there yesterday, but now they are so … do I start tomorrow, or isn\’t there any way they can give me a measly two days so I can enjoy the holiday? They\’re checking with the protocol people, so. We shall see! Come on, Thanksgiving, I\’m rooting for you! :)

In happier news, here are some internet things I\’m enjoying lately (plus some things I just found right now to pad out the list a little!):

  • Make-a-Flake: pretty, and gets me excited about winter!
  • Hey man, the Japanese know how to fold a shirt!
  • LEMMINGS! Bravo to the genius who wrote this Javascript program. My brother and I played this all the time in the SNES days. You really should listen to the Turkish March while playing to get the full effect. Awesome.
  • eHow: In case you ever wanted to know how to do, well, everything. Complete with Thanksgiving Headquarters.
  • The 86 Rules of Boozing: Good to know. Study up, Maureen. ;)
  • Softpedia: Free downloads! My favorite phrase after \”free food\” and \”clearance rack.\”
  • My Amazon Wish List… wha? Huh? How did that get in here!

Hmm. What to do now? Rewatching Eddie\’s \”Sexie\” video seems like a good plan. Those bits aren\’t going to memorize themselves.

Oh RATS. Chemo tomorrow. No Turkey Day for me this year. :(

P.S. Happy half-year birthday to me … here\’s hoping the next 6 months are better? No? They won\’t be? Okay, just checking.

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