Will dance for candy!

\"ghosty!\" Happy Halloween! I\’m not usually awake for the time change, and this double 1am thing is a little spooky. Not really, I\’m just trying to get in the Halloween mood. Really though, it is pretty weird.

I am so bad with horror movies. About the scariest I can go is Sleepy Hollow or Donnie Darko, which is pathetic, I know. (Well, come on … Frank is scary!)

So hey Claire, whatcha up to tomorrow? You and Trigger up for any non-scary Halloween movies? We can even watch The Nightmare Before Christmas! …Which, yes, is also sort of a Christmas movie. Two holidays with one stone? What do you say?

Here are all the things I can remember dressing up as!

  • a little red caboose
  • a pumpkin
  • cat woman, like 3 times
  • a horse (my mom actually made the costume, and I felt so bad that she spent so much time because it was so itchy that I had to take it off about 15 min into the trick-or-treating. and then be cat woman again.)
  • a horse jockey (now that was a good one!)
  • a weird mismatched-clothes girl (Moe, Michelle, and I had to improvise … we wanted candy!!!)
  • AJ from the Backstreet Boys (Michelle draws a fine Sharpie tattoo, she does!)
  • the Statue of Liberty (consisting only of the foam crown that Ney brought me from NYC and a tiny light)
  • Waldo!

Ah. That was fun. ;) So anyway, have a good Halloween everyone! Send me pictures of your costumes if you dress up, and while you\’re at it, send me your extra candy too. ;)

(Hey, look at that … it\’s 1am again! Crazy!)

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  1. Kabe says:

    i read “where’s waldo” and got very, very confused…well, not really, just a little! we call it “where’s wally” here..yeah..HALLOWEEN TRIVIA!

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