Goodbye insomnia?

I think my nap deprivation today worked \’cause I am sleeeepy! This is especially good because I have physical therapy (finally!) tomorrow at 12:30 and the past couple days I haven\’t gotten up till noon. Yikes.

Tonight I made ghost cookies! Some are cute and some are looking a little deformed. Oh well. I am going to send them to my college buddies but if you don\’t get any, don\’t worry, it just means you gotta wait till it\’s Christmas cookie time. :)

Michelle and I had good times today reminiscing on our Backstreet Boys days! When we were the coolest kids in Girl Scouts, haha. Ah, 8th grade memories. Gotta love \’em. :)

PS: Hey Moe, here\’s that sign I promised you! ;D I\’ll send the real one with your package but it probably won\’t get there in time. So yeah, wasn\’t too sure how to draw rugby… but it\’s the thought that counts, right? ;)

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2 Responses to Goodbye insomnia?

  1. Maureen says:

    I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Lauren! And we do kick the ball in rugby so that was good. We mostly run w/ it but kicking does happen pretty often. I feel so special!!!

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