Hey I\’ll take it!

Quick update before going to sleep to say that I miraculously did not throw up today. Whew. I don\’t know if it\’s just cuz it\’s the first day and the poison (ie chemo) hasn\’t started its side effects yet or if it\’s because they gave me some extra Decadron (my good anti-nausea meds) with my pre-meds, but hey, I\’ll take it. Wouldn\’t mind if this lasted for a while. I only felt a little sick even. And I still felt like eating. Oh sure maybe this is all mundane to you but let me revel in this slighly dazzling moment for just a bit, heh. Okay well good night. Almost done with the new layout! And now here\’s hoping I don\’t randomly wake up in the early hours of the morning to empty my stomach of its contents. That would not be too enjoyable. :) xoxo!

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