Stomach, Prepare Thyself

So long, Week of Feeling Good. I enjoyed you greatly! Thanks anyone who visited. I heart you. :) Another busy fun day! Had to cram it all in before tomorrow, you know. After church we chatted with a guy from my grade school and his mom. Okay he was wearing a shirt from Prague that said \”Czech me out.\” Sound familiar? Hmm? Remember? \”Czech it out\”? I told my sister it would make a good tshirt. I can\’t believe you stole my idea, Prague. That\’s low. Well anyway. So they gave me more holy water from Lourdes. I think I could hydrate a small kingdom with all the Lourdes water I have now, but it\’s still appreciated. :) Then we all (oh, not them, I mean us) went to lunch at CPK, mmmm. Then shopping! Ooh hadn\’t done that in a while. I got a skirt (with pink polka dots! whee!), nice comfy pants so I can quit wearing jeans to chemo all the time, and some tshirts, including a way awesome one that says \”supergirl,\” which of course I totally am. And then home, naps for all, and dinner. A very successful day! :)

So tomorrow I start round 4 of chemo! I hate this one. 5 days. Much, much puking. Horrendous middle of the night puking even, which is totally evil. Get ready, stomach acid! Anyway, I packed my saltines, Queasy Pops, and a tape of Mary Poppins so I\’m set! Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, right? Think they\’ll add a spoonful of sugar to the chemo meds in my IV if I ask nicely?

See ya. I\’ll be around! (not going to the hospital for this one)

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