Yeahh 6000!

Checkup at the clinic this morning. Counts are good! My ANC (think it means white cells are back to normal) needs to be at least 750. How about a little 6000 instead. Oh yeah. And then we got Wendy\’s, yumm. (Goal complete!). Ashley and Joey came over with a graduation present for me (a very nice too generous present.. spa gift card.. aah! thank you!) and to say bye cuz Joey\’s going to summer school on Monday. But that was fun and poor Ashley has a tumor on her foot BUT it is benign, whew. But surgery for her in two weeks so keep her in your prayers! And then I found out this morning that I guess my own surgery is a little sooner than I thought. 4 weeks. Whoa. Two more chemo cycles and then they\’re cutting that sucker out. Uh that\’s cool. Well anyway. Then I took a 3-hour nap haha. Mm. My Internet was down all day but my dad fixed it. It helps to have the wire, you know.. plugged into the wall. Yes. Right so I need some dinner. Think I\’m forgetting something though. Oh well!

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