13 years old!

Hooray! The GOC came over with some movies (and a Frappuccino, mmm, thanks! ;D) and we had some fun. I finally saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail – I was so deprived! Love the British humor. Good stuff. And we also watched Keeping the Faith and as a result have 13-year-old-girl crushes on Edward Norton. Hee. (Aunt Lisa needs to see Fight Club!!) So that was good times.

So this has been a good week, feeling-wise. Except my white cell count is low and I hate that because bacteria is like, hi, let\’s invade Lauren\’s mouth! And so man it hurts to swallow. Argh. Oh speaking of which, it is time for mouth care! Yum, Nystatin. :P Anyway. I\’m excited about tomorrow because Natalie and Robert (and maybe Frau?) are coming over for lunch and we\’re making quesadillas, yum! And we\’re sharing Europe pictures! Natalie will have an impressive scrapbook and I will have all my photos still stuck on my computer. Heh. Yeah I\’m getting around to the prints. It\’s only been.. 2 months. Hm. Well, anyway.

Also exciting: I finally got pamie\’s book Why Girls Are Weird! Can\’t wait to read that. And Aunt Lisa also brought me Switching to the Mac so perhaps I should check that out too, heh. Although I have definitely fallen in love with the Laptop. It\’s just.. so.. pretty. ;) Okay. Time for that mouth care. Yeah!

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