The Music – Getaway

Matt: I\’ve been better than my mom at computer stuff since I was 2. She couldn\’t figure out how to turn the computer on and I jumped on her lap and pressed the right button.
Me: Ah, nerdiness is innate.
Matt: You mean intelligence.
Me: Oh, yes. That\’s what I meant.

So tired today. One week till Spring Break, which means one week till EUROPE! I\’m so excited! Today was looong though. Had a headache too, which doesn\’t help much. We did socratic seminars in English yesterday and today, and yesterday was all right, but today my brain was just in shutdown mode all day and during my seminar, I was just thinking, hmm yes yes, everyone\’s making good points… and then I thought, oh no, I have to say something, and I\’m not sure I\’ve formulated a single original idea all day, let alone in the past ten minutes, and so I said something and I don\’t think it made too much sense, but oh well. Also somehow I got a 95 on my physics test. Excelente. Guess now I will do some homework. Then my sister is making me go to the library, which is okay, because I should probably start my term paper. Hmm okay. Not a very interesting entry, sorry. I did mention my brain was in shutdown mode, right? Yes, well, it definitely is.

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  1. maria says:

    nerdiness IS intelligence…i’m such a nerd…

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