Indiana, etc.

Okay so, Indiana! I really did have a fun time, and IU has such a nice campus. I just don\’t know where I want to go at all. In fact I now cry when I think about this decision. The Pro/Con list was begun today (because I blatantly steal from Gilmore Girls!). W&M already won eeny-meeny-miny-mo. (I am desperate, I tell you!) But anyway. Back to IU trip. Bloomington is extremely nice. The rest of Indiana, little boring. On Saturday night after Mass, my mom and I drove thirty ten miles to Valparaiso in search of a Starbucks. None. There are none! When we finally found a Dunkin\’ Donuts you\’d think we\’d won the lottery and lost twenty pounds simultaneously (or some other conjunction of very joyous events). I mean, really. Anyway, so. We stopped in Indianapolis on the way to see my grandma, so that was neat, oh except for the torrential downpour. Pictures are up!


Haha I love signs. I saw a church one while we were on the road, and it said \”Success comes in cans!\” It also said \”Failure in can\’ts\” under that, but I didn\’t see that part at first, so I thought, \”Man, canned success. Now that is something.\” Anyway, maybe I will watch the rest of the hockey game now. Hope the Caps aren\’t losing too badly. :/ (Edit – Ooh they were winning, and they won! YAY! Sorry about the lack of faith, guys. Who\’s this Yeats guy? His helmet art terrifies me but he seems pretty good.)

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  1. Mom says:

    Lauren – Valparaiso is only 10 miles from Kouts…not 30! And there used to be Dunkin Donuts at the Family Express gas station in Kouts, but apparently not anymore.
    But I enjoyed our trip!

  2. YEY! I recognized (nay, stayed at!) the old AOP house. The new one is very very nice! :)

    Indiana is STILL too far for my baby to go. Hrumph. (Can you add that to your list of CONS?)

    Gotta say – Valpo always felt about 30 miles from Kouts to me.

    Lovely pics … I love your little photoblogs.

    Yeats – ECHL guy they brought up since Stana and Ouelette are in playoff games in Portland and SOMEONE has to back Olie up. He’s okay for a kid who hasn’t played in the AHL even. They call him YAHTZEE so that explains the helmet. We may see him in goal on Sat (more likely Olie since it’s the last home game).

    Thankfully, this season draws to a close. (BIG HEAVY SIGH).

  3. Allie says:

    I made pro/con lists for my colleges, too. (♥ Gilmore Girls) Except mine consist of? Well, it’s not even pro/con. It’s more of a “compare” list, where I put all of my colleges and their attributes side-by-side. My biggest concern, however, is cost. So anything over $10,000/year gets scratched off. (Which brings me to… two colleges. Ha!)

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