Ben Kweller – Walk on Me

Home! But I had a good time. I really did like IU a lot, which is bad, cuz now my college decision is that much harder, and I only have till May 1, and I still have to visit UVA and VT, aaah. Ooh, W&M is offering up some cash though, so you know. Must consider that. Anyway. I wish I didn\’t still have to write my term paper outline and study for many things. I finished Heart of Darkness though; what a crazy book. What was it even about? Hey Sparknotes, how you doing? Really though, for a 71-and-a-half-page book, it took me extremely long to read. And there\’s a good chance that\’s because I fell asleep after about 3 pages whenever I picked it up. Hm. Okay, I will do homework, then finish my rambling. Ooh I cannot wait till college, it\’s gonna be super excellent!!!

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  1. maria says:

    yay! go college!

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