Hurrah, done with religion project!
Too bad I have 17 notecards and 2 journal assignments to do for English still!
Who needs sleep anyway!
Hopefully not me!

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2 Responses to arrrgh.

  1. Allie says:

    Aww. I hope you finished at a relatively decent hour :)

    You never used to stay up this late to finish homework… right? You should’ve taken it easy your senior year, so you wouldn’t burn out before college :\ But think of it this way: only 2+ months to go :D (It’s two and a half months for me… ’cause I graduate on June 24. That’s a wonderful day for a graduation! ‘Cause humidity at the end of June is so super nice to everyone’s hair and sweat glands ;D I think we’re doing it outside, too… Oy vey.)

  2. Lauren says:

    Yes, you are correct! I think this is really only the second time I’ve had to stay up so late, and both times for my religion project. Gah. You’d think I’d learn to stop procrastinating but.. nah. ;) I wish I’d taken a study hall this year, but oh well, just a couple of months left, I’ll make it! We graduate May 28 which is nice because it’s near my birthday, hehe, and also.. ooh only two months and four days away! wow. I can’t wait. :D Hmm.. hopefully it won’t be so humid here, haha, because my hair gets in big fights with humidity. :/

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