Five Iron Frenzy – The Greatest Story Ever Told

Wow. Times a million. I saw The Passionif you\’re interested. Thanks Maureen & family for taking me!!

Um. Summary: It was amazing, horrifying, and terrifying. And more. I really could have used some tissues.

There were two trailers; I think this movie looks really good, and yay German! Man I\’m tired, but I really should start my Hamlet paper. Hm maybe. Good night, pals.

I spoke the words but never gave a thought to what they all could mean.   Brand New – Play Crack the Sky.

The Passion of the Christ
I don\’t even know where to start. I guess first of all, it\’s not anti-Semitic, unless you want it to be, and then aren\’t you anti-Semitic to begin with? Secondly: I don\’t understand how people are comparing it to gory horror movies. Yes, it is graphic, but that\’s.. what it is. If you\’re not seeing past that then I\’m not sure you understand what it\’s about. The thing is, about this, is that I\’ve heard this story all my life, every year, every Lent, during Stations of the Cross, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and I know all the words but I didn\’t know it at all. How could we do that? I am never complaining again (mostly). Anyway, don\’t not see it because you think it\’s going to be gross. It\’s amazing, and it\’s horrifying, because it\’s so real, and it was real, and when I had to look away it wasn\’t because of blood, it was because of Satan. Those parts were terrifying. I never knew little boys could be so scary. :/ But I just think it\’s good for people to see that, because you can\’t ignore these things. I do think everyone should see this movie. And I cried throughout 90% of it. You probably will too. Anyway. There were a lot of really good touches, like Jesus\’ eyes, God\’s tear. It was just good, and I feel guilty saying that because what happened wasn\’t good, except that.. it is. And wow do I feel loved. Okay, the end. I had to put this down somewhere.

The Greatest Story Ever Told.

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