Death Cab – Sleep Spent

So far today I\’ve had fun at Michelle\’s house (plus had very good breakfast there! mmm maple sausage), gotten new tail light & brake light for my car, ran other errands with my dad, got lunch (mmm Subway), finally started my homework, and then fell asleep about 10 minutes into it. Oops. Never going to get anything done at this rate. I still feel sleepy so I think I\’ll find some caffeine and try the homework again, though actually I would much rather catch up on the last two weeks of The OC. But. Have approximately 3000 papers to write so might not be the best idea. Also I am sad about the Lang trade. :/ We will miss the cute cute smile (well and the goals too!). Someone give me some good news please! :) Off to do homework! (Oh and I just noticed I never even talked about the hockey game Wednesday night. And that seems like a really, really long time ago. I think I am really starting to lose it. But — it was very fun! I mean the game itself was bad of course, what was with all the falling down? and no good fights? man, but I had fun with my godmommy of love and we got to watch the Caps when they were practicing right up next to the glass, whee! So close! Very cool! I can\’t think of what else happened though because like I say, I\’m losing my mind. But it was fun!)

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