Reggie and the Full Effect – Where\’s Your Heart?

Really need to stop oversleeping. I woke up an hour late today. Eeek. Bad hair ensued. (I woke up late yesterday, too. The plan for tonight is to keep my cat in my room because I might need her annoyingness to wake me up in the morning.) I\’m not really sure how much longer I can stand school. It was not a good day. I can\’t even have lunch with my friends anymore because I have to register people for Superdance at the back of the cafeteria. And I don\’t think the people I sit with like me. Pretty sure they were making fun of me today. Everyone thinks I\’m a nerd anyway. I\’m sick of the uniform because my giant sweater makes me feel even more awkward than I normally do. I have four projects due this quarter, and it\’s already March next week, and I don\’t know where to start. Hopefully I can just make it until March 10 (day off for soph/junior retreat). And then just make it through Superdance and then soon it will be spring break and Europe will be fantastic (right? right?). Ugh, have to do a research paper in English before spring break, too. Everything just keeps getting worse. But anyway. I don\’t know. I just wish we could hurry up and graduate already. And now I need to get recommendations for Tech ready so I can give them to my teachers before the weekend. Wonderfulll. Aw, but my mom bought me a new hairdyer today. That was nice. Thank you, mommy!

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