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Sick of nausea

Sadly, I fell out of love with Wegmans today. I went there at 1:30 to meet Maureen for lunch and it took me TWENTY MINUTES TO PARK. Okay, I was stupid and accidentally missed two good opportunities, but obviously I … Continue reading

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Affliction of the Week

Had some fun today at Elise\’s house catching up on the last 3 episodes of Veronica Mars, yay! They were all stellar, of course. And I didn\’t even get lost finding Elise\’s house. Always quite the feat for me. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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hmm. not a very fun day. :/ felt generally bleh all day yesterday, and then today I woke up with my left leg hurting lots and more nausea and managed to throw up twice before radiation at 1. so after … Continue reading

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A functional holiday, for once!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wonderful day. (I mean, besides the relentless nausea and returning back pain. Everything else: A+!) Got lots of good stuff (including a blowtorch, so WATCH OUT PEOPLE) (okay fine, it\’s for creme brulee) and everyone was happy, hooray. … Continue reading

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Presents for me!

After radiation today, Aunt Lisa came over to take me shopping! I wanted to go to the outlets in Leesburg, since Dani mentioned at Thanksgiving that there is a WILLIAMS-SONOMA OUTLET there! So we went, and it was beautiful. I … Continue reading

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Ah, love Christmas vacation

Tonight I saw The Chronicles of Narnia with Maureen and Andrew! I really liked it; the effects were pretty good. Lucy was adorable and Mr. Tumnus was strangely attractive. And Aslan was preeetty. No chemo tomorrow, hooray! Can\’t have it … Continue reading

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Fort girls!

Well, clearly I have been enjoying being at home and doing nothing(!) too much to blog, but for now I will at least share this lovely picture (taken by Liz): Yay! My suite girls, in our fantastic fort. From top, … Continue reading

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