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Signature Strengths

Just took a test online for a psych project to find out my signature strengths. Apparently, they are: Spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith Gratitude Kindness and generosity Forgiveness and mercy Modesty and humility Hmm, how about that. Well, Day … Continue reading

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Chemo time (again)

Just got word that my counts hit the magic number today so chemo will commence! That\’s okay, I\’m glad it wasn\’t delayed any longer because I don\’t want my Thanksgiving break plans messed with. I haven\’t mentioned it yet buuut … Continue reading

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GAHHHH I SET SOMETHING ON FIRE. To be more specific, I set the toaster oven in the dining hall on fire. IT WAS SCARY. I put two slices of bread in and the first one comes out all weird and … Continue reading

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Yay for meds

Man, I am loving this Percocet, or as Vanessa has taught me to call it, \”Perky-cet,\” hehehe. Anyway, catching up is going slowly, but I just feel like taking my time and not stressing out so hey, that\’s what I\’m … Continue reading

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Not quite like Steve McQueen

I escaped from the hospital! Hurrah! It took a while to tunnel through those walls with a plastic spoon, but … no, wait, that was my prison escape. The hospital, though, I did manage to leave without tipping my wheelchair … Continue reading

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(It\’s also time to complain, obviously.)

Guess what? It\’s time for some new scars! So if you\’re wondering what happened to me (well … aren\’t you?), I\’ve been stuck in the hospital (at UVA) since Thursday night because I thought I had typhlitis again (remember that? … Continue reading

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