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Whoo! Good birthday so far. :) Went to Starbucks with mom for breakfast — had a White Chocolate Mocha (first time trying it, so very gooood) and split one of their new breakfast sandwiches, the eggs florentine (also really good!). … Continue reading

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Cake or Death?

Okay, so check this out: Caramel Creme Cake, Snickerdoodle Cake, or Chocolate Cloud Cake? Dork that I am, I am kind of excited about making my own birthday cake because I wanted to try something a little different. (My mom … Continue reading

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These aren\’t the droids you\’re looking for.

I saw Revenge of the Sith today with my dad and brother. It was pretty good! Definitely much better than the last two. R2D2 was pretty awesome at the beginning, though I think he needs like a silent mode when … Continue reading

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Wow! I was actually busy all day today. It was kind of weird. First was PT at 9:30 this morning, which was good as always, and then I had a doctor appointment (just a check-up). Apparently my hormones are screwy … Continue reading

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Pillow Bread, Act II

Okay. The dough was really not that monstrous after all. I think it was bigger than that before I left, actually. And it was kind of flat when I got home, so it must have over-risen and then collapsed. (Disclaimer: … Continue reading

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It\’s very alive!

Oops! I decided I\’d try another attempt at making bread today (Alton Brown\’s \”Pillow Bread,\” specifically.) Then I remembered Joe and I needed to be at O\’Connell by 2 for my sister\’s ring ceremony and thought, oh well, no bread … Continue reading

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It\’s a good thing.

Hmm. Adjusting a tad better to the braces today. Still hate them, though. :/ I was watching a few minutes of Martha Stewart Living this afternoon. Martha was making baked beans with some lady, and when the woman took the … Continue reading

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