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Okay. Work at 9am tomorrow! Wish me luck that I don\’t screw anything up too bad, okay? Thanks! I went to Kohls with my godmommy for uniform clothes (solid colored polos and Docker pants) and got some good stuff, all … Continue reading

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Woohoo! Just back from orientation. I was LATE, which I was freaked out about, because I made sure to leave early and thought I knew where I was going but then I got to Reston Town Center and completely forgot … Continue reading

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Ah, capitalism

Goodbye days of doing nothing; hello corporate employment (and the paycheck that comes along with it)! Yess, I got the job. Training is on Monday and I start Wednesday! Awesome. Interview was pretty easy, though I had to wait 30 … Continue reading

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Employable after all!

HOORAY! Panera just called me! I have an interview with the general manager tomorrow at 3. Very exciting! I\’m going shopping with my mom and sister tonight anyway so hopefully I will find an outfit that just screams, \”Hire me!\” … Continue reading

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Teachers, then cats. Like Prof McGonagall!

I\’m tiiired. I\’m tired because I woke up at 6am to go to school this morning. Actually, I woke up at 6am so I could leave at 6:45 and then sit in traffic for 45 minutes in order to go … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Insect Kind

I was on my way to PT this morning, and guess what decided to join me for the ride? A GROSS GINORMOUS MOSQUITO. That\’s what. Ugh. I hate bugs, but I especially hate bugs with lots of legs and pointy … Continue reading

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Food appliances make me happy

I got an extra birthday surprise today in the form of a food processor!!! Hooray! (Am I the strangest 18 19-year-old ever? Yes. Very possibly.) So I am super-excited to try it out on many things; for example, pesto! (Especially … Continue reading

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