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More nothing!

Isn\’t anyone else as sick of the Duff sisters as I am? Do they really need a commercial too? Alyson Hannigan is guest-starring on Veronica Mars tonight, you know. Of course, I won\’t get to see it, because UPN still … Continue reading

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Coffee comes from TREES? Huh. Guess I never really thought about it. Anyway, my head hurts. Boo.

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:) I AM FINALLY DONE!!!!!!* *that\’s with chemo, for those of you not keeping up here ;)

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laaaast one

just two more days EVER! :)

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So Happy Valentine\’s Day! I haven\’t actually had a Valentine since 1st grade, but hey, there\’s always next year…? Today my dad and I went grocery shopping at the new Wegmans, and oh my gosh. IT IS GLORIOUS. I want … Continue reading

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Many questions

Happy birthday, Claire! Well, I suppose your birthday was technically yesterday, since you\’re in Australia. But happy birthday nonetheless! In movie news, isn\’t that smiling Winn-Dixie dog extremely creepy? Also, what is a heffalump? Also, why don\’t I have a … Continue reading

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Looks like we maaaaade it

I can\’t believe that in 9 days I am going to be FINITO with the chemo! I\’m so excited, mostly about having hair again, oooh. I saw my doctor yesterday for a checkup and she said a couple weeks after … Continue reading

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