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hospital != hospitable

Hmm, so. A couple of days turned out to be 5. I was close? I finally escaped today. They promised me a morning discharge. Well, 2pm is morning somewhere, right? Anyway, I\’m just glad I made it home to make … Continue reading

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after feeling miserably sick for going on 3 days, being shipped off to the hospital. see ya in a couple days?

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I don\’t understand. Why does she take everything for granted? It makes me very, very sad. It also makes my head hurt.

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Sing me to sleep…

Oh, this NEEDS to stop. I cannot sleep. Again. I cannot get comfortable. At all. What is wrong with me. Could really use some Ambien about now … or to watch Casablanca, \’cause that worked pretty well at putting me … Continue reading

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The lady doth protest too much, methinks

Okay, I know this is not a good thing, but I gotta admit, I am a little jealous! Couldn\’t sleep AGAIN last night. Mean. Finally I gave up and watched Hamlet on TV. I have such a crush on Hamlet … Continue reading

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Hygiene good!

Ahh, I feel so CLEAN! I had a shower for the first time in 2 months tonight! …Okay, before you go getting ideas about my hygiene, I mean, I\’ve been bathing, of course. But I just finally figured out a … Continue reading

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Oh Billy, how I missed thee

Um, WOW. So it\’s been a boring day, and then! I remembered that site that lets you look at sites that are now dead — why yes, the Wayback Machine!! Oh, internet. Bless you. Do you know where this is … Continue reading

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