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Once in a blue moon

Entirely way-too-long day. At hospital from 8:30am to 10pm. Things would be so much easier if my port would decide to work and give blood return so I don\’t need to be twisting into all different positions, getting trillions of … Continue reading

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Day 1

One day of chemo down, four to go. And then my MONTH of fun!! Can\’t wait! Today I made a list of all the things I shall do! Have going away party for friends! (That\’s the Aug 14 thing. I … Continue reading

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wasting my life waiting for you

Rats. The good times must end. My platelets finally bounced back and it\’s chemo time tomorrow! Today I saw my surgeon. We had to wait two hours and fifteen minutes for approximately 7 minutes\’ worth of information and surprise x-rays. … Continue reading

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I know I\’m a nerd

Huh. Have just realized I never got my AP English research paper back. Those notecards killed me, and for what!? Well, see, I don\’t know, because I never got my paper back. Just saying.

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Fall Out Boy – Calm Before the Storm

Man this is the best week ever. Let\’s pretend it\’s not going to end really soon. ;) Poor Ney had some foot problems so I drove to her house instead. Finally saw the video from beach week! Hurrah! Very nice, … Continue reading

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I am Go!

Got to be with my bestest pals tonight! Hooray! We equal a traffic light! ;D Wish I were going to college this year too though. I will just have to occupy my time by visiting everyone else instead. Save some … Continue reading

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Today I met Aunt Lisa for lunch and then we talked to the geeses outside! My platelets are stillll down so I get a few more days off. Definitely not going to complain about that but I hope my chemo\’s … Continue reading

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