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Mmm, Air Supply! (??)

Oh oxygen, you feel so good! And people, I have missed you! Sorry I didn\’t update in the past couple days since I had my procedure, but I got caught up in email (and I still haven\’t even responded to … Continue reading

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Bad, bad lungs

Okay, this one actually WILL be short (ha! no, it won\’t be) because hey, speaking of short, I am short of breath because there are tumors in the fluid around my neck lungs (duh, lauren) or something like that and … Continue reading

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Okay, going to make this a short one because I want to get to sleep, but please allow me to explain my recent absence! I drove with my mom up to Children\’s for an appointment with my oncologist to get … Continue reading

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Hard to type when falling asleepzzzzz…

Oh Friday! What joy. I\’m happy because I\’m going home soon and not coming back till Sunday afternoon. Too bad I have to spend part of my time at home going to Children\’s tomorrow and getting a ton of CT … Continue reading

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But it\’s for a good cause!

People, I have come to beg you for money. Wait, don\’t run away yet! It\’s for my FORCE Relay For Life team at school. I already sent out an email to a lot of friends/family when I first signed up, … Continue reading

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Better yet? Nope!

Haaate the nausea so. Went into the clinic for some fluids today and the doctor was there and after observing me doing what I do best (i.e. throwing up, of course) she thinks there might be a problem with my … Continue reading

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Falling apart again

Oh, honestly. I have had my pain under control for WEEKS, and yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with pain management where I informed my doctors that I thought I had everything under control for now with my meds. And … Continue reading

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