October 23, 2005

In-text citation aneurysm

I've been having trouble finding out how to cite a CD-ROM in APA format, so I looked it up online and found something that made me burst a blood vessel. From apastyle.org's FAQ page on the APA format [underlines mine]:

Q: Why is APA style needed?

A: An author writing for a publication must follow the rules established by the publisher to avoid inconsistencies among journal articles or book chapters.

For example, without rules of style, three different manuscripts might use sub-test, subtest, and Subtest in one issue of a journal or book. Although the meaning of the word is the same (in this case, subtest is APA style), such variations in style may distract or confuse the reader.

The need for a consistent style becomes more apparent when complex material is presented, such as tables or statistics.

So basically they want a uniform format to prevent variant spellings and whatnot from confusing people.

To this I must say:


I'm going to go take some drugs now, finish my homework, and hope the neighbours didn't get alarmed enough at the sound of my shrieking to call the cops. I will take comfort in the fact that as painful as it is to write in APA format, it's even more painful to read it because of the parenthetical citations in every other sentence, and that the teacher has to read two dozen of these horrible eye-bending things every week while I only have to read mine.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Posted by Frida Peeple at October 23, 2005 01:08 PM