March 27, 2005

Happy Nail Your God To Some Wood Day!

Actually, I am gonna boil up some eggs, and perhaps dye them. I know some people at work like hard-boiled eggs, and I have an unopened dozen sitting in the fridge that will otherwise not get used before they go bad. I might even get some light mayo [fat-free has a nasty texture, regular has an unreasonable number of calories] and make some egg salad. Might use some fat-free plain yogurt in the salad too; that makes a good sub for mayo, although you don't want to sub it in completely, because it separates and your sandwiches will be gross.

And the laundromat is closed. I could pitch a big fit about how I don't get Beltaine off, but it won't do any good. The country's still run by Christians, and it just baffles me when some of them complain about declining enrollment, threats of the removal of the word "God" from the Pledge, and other such things. At least, it baffles me until I play a game with my nephew, and he's way ahead, and then his lead starts slipping and he starts whining because he's not as ahead as he should be, and begs me to let him win. Then I understand perfectly, because I know they do it for the same reason. I suppose when you're in the box seats, you'll sqeal if anybody tries to kick you out. I can't honestly say I wouldn't do the same, though I'd hope that I could catch myself doing it, and stop.

I'd say something about the Pope, but I'll refrain, it being Easter. Instead I'll talk about CD's.

Friday I picked up 3: Tori Amos's new one, The Beekeeper; Regina Spektor's Soviet Kitsch; and Arcade Fire's Funeral. This is highly unusual for me, because not only do I almost never pick up more than one CD at a time [unless I'm at the pawn shop], it's very rare that I will pay money for a record from which I haven't heard any songs.

The packaging for the Tori record is friggin' weird. It's pretty, but all the lyrics are arranged into little hexagons in a big long foldout sheet...and they do not, even slightly, follow the track order. So every time another song comes on, you have to hunt for the lyrics. Add that to the fact that her songs have become somewhat, shall we say, formulaic, and you have something that's very frustrating to listen to and follow along with while you're in a chatroom. So I shut it off about 3 tracks in and will come back to it later when I can devote my undivided attention to it. I don't doubt it will grow on me at least somewhat; it's not bad. It's just not Pele or Under the Pink. What're you gonna do, right? I also noticed--this was apparent in the photos for Tales of a Librarian, and even more so now--that she's developing a striking resemblance to Gates McFadden. If they ever did a Broadway musical production of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Tori would be a natural for Dr. Crusher.

So it's a good thing that I got Spektor. She doesn't have as pretty a voice as Tori does, but her vocals are honest and guileless, and her lyrics just sparkle. She's also not a bad pianist. The supporting musicians are good, and there's one track where the percussion is just her with a stick [which is something I've always secretly wanted to try with a song]. It's not Pele either, but it's very refreshing. I think this will be my new painting music; it sounds like something that would go good mixed with some Rasputina and maybe some Belly. Somebody in one of the Amazon reviews mentioned that she sounds like a cross between Tori and Björk, which just about hits it on the head; what's interesting about this is the marked similarity to the handwriting in the Spektor CD booklet [which I'm assuming is hers] and the handwriting in Björk's Debut CD booklet [which I'm assuming belongs to Björk]. Hm...

Arcade Fire, alas, didn't want to work in my computer. Pity, cos I was looking forward to this one. The PC kept reading it as "data CD/no disc in drive," and when I went to My Computer\J: to find it, it said "device not ready" as if it totally weren't reading the disc. I did get it to play the first part of the first song, which wasn't bad; but then the disc stuttered and quit. What I heard sounded emotional and twee, but in a nice way--sort of like if Andrew Lloyd Webber was less of a pretentious fop and just wanted to write something nice instead of marinating it in pure distilled drama-queen emotion like he usually does. It sounded promising and certainly made me want to hear more. The disc doesn't look defective at all. Could be the PC or a format incompatibility--my CD-ROM is an ancient 2X with the words "compact disc" written in Sumerian and a tiny tallow candle behind the indicator light. I will try this one later, too, after a reboot. It could also be that I was at the time running Yahoo! Chat, which will squat in the middle of your computer, bogie all your system resources, and fuck up just about everything else you're doing every time it runs.

And that's about enough for today. I'm gonna reboot.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Lyric for the day:
the flowers you gave me are rotting
and still I refuse to throw them away
some of the bulbs never opened quite fully
they might so I'm waiting and staying awake

--Regina, "The Flowers"

Posted by Frida Peeple at March 27, 2005 07:51 AM
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