March 22, 2005


In a world where important events happen every day, you can always count on the news staff here at Witchy Bitch [that would be me] to bring you News That Makes You Go "OMGWTF??!?"

~In a heartwarming item, Celine Dion finally gets exactly the audiences she deserves. Well, not exactly. They're not armed.

~Three quarters of the universe is made up of mysterious crap we can't see and can only detect through mathematics. Scientists call it dark energy. I personally think it's that stuff that binds chicken nuggets together.

~"You don't know crap!" "Yeah, I do, I saw it at the science exhibit!"

~Why does this shit always happen in Romania? This time, a guy's wedding ring mysteriously leaves his third finger and ends up on his eleventh.

~Fat-bottomed girls, you make the Spockin' world go 'round.

~Holy shit! Nice kitty...good kitty...

That's enough. I wanna go to bed.

This is Frida Peeple, with News That Makes You Go "Um...What?"


Posted by Frida Peeple at March 22, 2005 12:48 PM
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