March 18, 2005

The winter spirits hate me.

Here's how I know.

We can go a week, 2 weeks, with little or no snow--or maybe an inch of the stuff that either melts right away or blows right off the roads.

Then I make an appointment to go somewhere, often someplace that requires a half-hour trip along a road on which people are known to make stupid and dangerous passes. And then, on the exact day that I have to go there--BUT NOT ON ANY OF THE 10 PREVIOUS DAYS, when it could have snowed 3 feet and not made a damn bit of difference to me--this happens.


[Image taken from]

I was GOING to go to one of the colleges here and meet with somebody in admissions concerning online courses. Apparently they have a program where you can get an entire 2-year degree online. This would be perfect, for reasons such as the one in the image above. Call me a puss, since I have, after all, lived in Minnesota for ten years; but I really don't like the idea of highway driving in an area that has been designated as a "SEVERE WINTER STORM WARNING UNTIL 10:30 AM" area with "CRIPPLING SNOW ACCUMULATIONS OF 12 TO 18 INCHES" [according to the National Weather Service, that is] in an area that is directly adjacent to my route.


Also in the gahhhhhhhh ever go to the doctor and get blood taken, and then it doesn't bleed, but it never really heals back up under the skin, so by 2 days afterwards you have a gradually spreading bruise with a fresh purple center, and the arm you had the blood taken in is sorta weak?

No? Oh, shit.

And I've been blowing blood out my nose for a day now. I thought it was the dryness, but after boiling large amounts of water, and after taking a long steamy shower, all that happens is I blow out fresher blood.

Somehow I don't get the feeling this qualifies as being "well."

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Posted by Frida Peeple at March 18, 2005 04:09 AM
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