March 12, 2005


It's never good when you break a thermometer. It also doesn't help when it breaks while you're shaking it down to re-take your temperature to see if it's still 102, and when it's the last damn mercury thermometer you have because they stopped making them due to some claptrap about it being poisonous. If I want to stick a glass tube filled with a poisonous substance in my mouth, by grannies, I should be allowed to do it.

Think I'm gonna get a digital. But I'm not gonna get it today, because the only place in town that sells them is closed until Monday, and I don't wanna go outside with the flu when it's 18 degrees out anyway.

One saving grace was, I was wearing my robe, and it hit my other hand and broke into my lap, so I could just gather the mercury together, stand up and dump it in the trash can.

Also, if you're going to do a nasal cleansing to loosen mucus and hydrate your sinuses, make sure the water is a reasonable temperature. It can be pretty warm, but pour some on the back of your hand or something first. Don't do what I did and scald the inside of your nose. It really doesn't feel good when you're sick.

I just realised this is the first time I've been really sick and haven't had a TV to pass the time. That explains why I'm so bored. Books just don't do have to hold them up. It's too much work. Internet is better, but if you have such a high fever that your hands and feet are cold, and you pull your arms into your robe to keep warm, it makes it hard to type or use the mouse. Still, I don't feel like going out and getting a TV and DVD player and paying cable or satellite bills every month just in case I get sick and bored and want TV.

I know it's stupid to blog about being sick, but I literally don't think I've been this sick since I was 20 and had mono. Oh, I had bronchitis once a year or two back, and had to stuff my lungs back in a couple times because I kept coughing them up, but other than that...

It really makes a difference when you stop living with smokers. People who smoke, and it doesn't cause them to get sick more often, don't bother me. But I'm sorta perturbed by people who smoke, who get colds and bronchitis all the time, or whose kids do. It's like, the cancer risk is one thing; that's a roll of the dice. There are people who smoke til they're 100 and don't get cancer or anything else. If you wanna take that risk, fine, that's your business. I take a risk every time I pull out of the parking lot and drive anywhere. But if you know for a fact it's making you sick RIGHT NOW and you're not making an effort to quit, or even mentally gearing up to get ready to quit...I'm sorry, that's just sorta dumb. That's basically saying you'd rather feel like shit all winter, and waste a bunch of money on medicine and doctors, rather than even try to quit. So you tried and failed. So what? Try again. Research supports the idea that if you keep trying to quit, eventually you'll succeed. If it's not making you chronically ill, and you're comfortable with the long-term risks, then go ahead and do it. I sometimes get warnings from other women not to be on Depo, that it's bad for me, but I still take it. You're entitled to take risks. By the same token, I suppose you're entitled to smoke to the point where you make yourself sick all the time. But really, that's not even risky, that's just...that's like licking doorknobs during cold season. It's more blatantly self-destructive than taking the cancer risk.

So now I'm gonna get e-mails from people who smoke, who are going to call me an anti-smoking nazi or something. Go ahead, but remember it's like anything else: if you're on one side of the issue and I'm on the other side, acting like a jerk while you push your side is not going to induce me to agree with you. It will just make me think that people on your side are jerks. I think it's fair to say, with the preponderance of evidence linking secondhand smoke to health problems [not just cancer, but more immediate, provable things like asthma and chemical sensitivity], that you should be allowed to do it as long as it's not hurting anybody else but you. As for the hilarious comparison people sometimes make between smoking and drinking, unless somebody spills their drink on me, I'm not going to get any secondhand alcohol.

Oh, the things that people think qualify as logic. Simply hysterical.

The inside of my nose hurts really bad. I really don't know why Mother Nature thought people should have nerve endings there.


same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Posted by Frida Peeple at March 12, 2005 01:52 PM
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