March 08, 2005

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200


Accuser's Bro. Says He Saw Jackson Abuse

Call it a premature hunch, but I have a feeling MJ's goin' to jail.

What disturbs me is this. It's entirely possible that the testimony is true, in which case a mentally ill person who never got help for his problem ended up warping these children. It's also entirely possible that the children were coached to the point of having vivid and detailed false memories planted, as happened many times during the Satanic panic of the 1980's. If the defense counsel can find enough inconsistencies between the vic and the brother, he may be able to incorporate false memories as part of his argument involving a conspiracy to bilk Jackson. If he can shred the witness on cross, he'll have a good chance at an acquittal. Of course, since children with real memories are as vulnerable to the psychological manipulation of a brutal cross-examination as children with false memories are, shredding the witness won't prove much except that he can confuse traumatized children. If the testimony stays consistent, however, and he can't discredit the brother or the vic, Jackson's going to jail whether anything happened or not.

The whole thing's fucking sad. It's sad that these children have to be put through it. If Jackson did it, they're reliving a traumatic time in front of the entire media. If he didn't do it, they're pawns in a con game. What's more, Jackson gives child-loving eccentrics an even worse name than they had before. If there was anybody left who was willing to assume that a person could just be odd, or just have a love for children, without being a pedophile, I don't think there is anymore. And that's also sad. Not that I personally have any great attachment toward children, but it would be nice to be smiled at by a random kid, and smile back, without being looked at by their parents as though I'm going to drag them behind a bush and rape them with a stick. I'm not even really that damn weird. It's just that every parent wonders if everybody else is a child-groping pervazoid, and now they're gonna wonder even more, especially if the person doesn't seem "normal," whatever the hell that is anymore.

What's sadder is that there's probably not a goddamn thing waiting for Jackson in jail that's going to help him redeem or improve himself as a person. Because whatever else he is, he's obviously both mentally ill and emotionally sensitive. If he's really lucky, maybe they have a good counselor there that has time to work with him on whatever his issues are, because he's gonna have all kinds of time and not a lot of other things to distract him. As to whether pedophiles and other criminals are capable of being successfully treated or reformed...I think if you're going to have a prison system which is going to let them out eventually anyway, you'd jolly well better at least try to rehabilitate them, even if it isn't a stunning success. Otherwise you've only given society a temporary reprieve from them, and calling it a "corrections system" is a farce.

But that could turn into a whole 'nother furniture-chewing session, and will if I don't sign off now.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Posted by Frida Peeple at March 8, 2005 08:43 AM
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