March 07, 2005

This just sorta pissed me off.

Now, I agree that there are lots of dietary sources of calcium, and it's always a good thing if you can get your kid to eat their veggies. But this article...

Exercise, Some Calcium Build Strong Bones- Report

Other ways to obtain the absorbable calcium found in one cup of cow's milk include a cup of fortified orange juice, a cup of cooked kale or turnip greens, two packages of instant oats, two-thirds cup of tofu, or 1-2/3 cups of broccoli, the report said.

How the fuck many kids are gonna eat cooked kale or turnip greens? Or 1 2/3 cups of broccoli? And don't even get me started on tofu. Did these numbnuts ever consider the possibility that parents give their kids milk because it's easier and cheaper than trying to make an 8-year-old eat an entire cup of cooked kale which is probably going to be thrown out uneaten?

Dairy products provide 18 percent of the total energy and 25 percent of the total fat intake in the diets of American children, who are developing increasing rates of obesity.

25 percent of the total fat intake, huh? Gee, skim milk sure does have a shitload of fat in it, doesn't it? Except it doesn't have any at all. Oh, they're not giving their kids skim milk? They're giving them 2% and whole and then wondering why they're fat? Well, hmm. Doesn't look like cutting out most of their milk is necessarily the only correct solution to that, does it? I'll tell you one thing, if you take out half or 2/3 of the milk in their diet and try to replace it with kale and broccoli, you'll have some of the skinniest damn kids on the planet. They'll hate you, and hate vegetables, for the rest of their lives, but they'll be skinny.

The easiest way to get that calcium is from low-fat dairy products, which also contain valuable nutrients such as vitamin D, which is generally not available from other dietary sources, he [Dr. Greer] wrote.

Nawwww! Really?

That being said, though, I really do agree with the doctors in the article about exercise for kids. How in the hell the government can hamstring schools on their funding [due to the No Child Left Behind In Our Contempt For Non-Geniuses law], force the school to cut out arts, phy. ed. and damn near everything else but overhead projectors, and then blame everybody else when the kids don't get enough exercise...dunno. [I agree that having schools work toward higher academic standards, and make sure people aren't totally illiterate when they leave school, is crucial. However, I don't think it's going to help badly performing schools to cut off their funding any more than having the Pharaoh tell Hebrews to go make bricks without straw helped them make better damn bricks, or made them more obedient or efficient in any way.]

But that wasn't what I wanted to get off onto. I just wanted to say that exercise is good for children. [I took a 40-minute walk yesterday myself, and all I can say is, thank gods for that trail. It's lovely to be able to walk backwards and work different muscles without fear of tripping. Come to think of it, I should put the skis backwards on my Nordic Track and see if I can do that backwards. Using the same muscles all the time just makes them ache.]


Also in food news, good news:

British celebrity chef launches fight against junk food at school

Just go read it. I think this guy is neat.


No news from me. Same shit, different day.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Bumper sticker for the day: "Hurry up and pass me--you wouldn't want to be late for your own funeral!" [Okay, I've never seen this one, but I want one so bad. The text would be small, but I think somebody tailgating in preparation for a pass could read it. Assuming they can read. I mean, if somebody's already going 5 miles over the limit, and you pass them in a passing zone that's measured out according to the limit, then your passing zone is too short; and if you haven't the sense to figure that out, well, natural selection's a bitch, ain't it?]

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