Hockey night! Caps v. Flyers!

March 6, 2004

A rainbow on the way.. ooh maybe that was our good omen!

I love sitting next to the ice (apart from the pucks slamming into the glass in front of your face, of course. unless Semin is shooting them at you. but anyway.)! I think that's Battaglia. Yay nice shot!

Stretching, etc.

Witt passing the pucks out.

And.. continuing to pass the pucks out.

But Olie is ready to block those bad boys (ie pucks)!

Good save Olie! Saves are always good, especially since they mean the puck will not be flying into the glass in front of you. (I don't flinch as much anymore though, honest.)

Another nice save cuz Olie's just that awesome.

Hmm I'm not sure why this one is so much brighter. Looks much better though. Must've had the flash on for that one.

Why I do believe that is Mr. Semin. Hee. (I know, I'm such a girl.)