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February 20, 2004

The Week

(Only fair to warn you, it's a long one!)

Oh, PVI got totally shutdown in the basketball game today, and it was beautiful. (Sore losers, though. So sad. Think they'd be used to it by now.) Well anyway. As you may have gathered, it's been a rather hellish week! I mean, definitely many good parts (Caps Caps Caps!) but just too much work for me. But it's (mostly) over now so I'll stop being such a drama queen (or I'll try, anyway). But, in case anyone still reads this, here's what went down!

Monday: First night of Caps University with the godmommy of cool and it was way way awesome! We had a little class session in the boys' locker room and learned all the basic stuff. (They freeze the pucks, did you know?) Joe Beninati taught it and he's excellent. Oh and also we got completely lost in DC trying to find the MCI Center cuz we missed our exit for the Pentagon metro, etc., but that was kind of fun too because I never get to see the city! And the sunset was purdy!

Tuesday: Caps vs. Senators! Everyone said it was exciting an exciting game, but really, not so much. Olie was awesome (blocked 47 shots!!) and it ended up being a 1-1 tie, even with overtime. Better than a loss, I say. The last 4 minutes were exciting, anyway. And I got to wear my new Caps jersey (xmas present from said godmother of cool!) for the first time too, yay!!

Wednesday: Second night of Caps U, at the Headquarters! Ooh. Very nice. Mourned the Bondra trade. :/ Ignored an extremely Dweeby Man's comments. Stalked cute 21-yr old hockey player (also in class) to metro at end. Hurrah! Also, got lost in DC once again, this time walking. Also broke a law or two by eating/drinking on the metro and later jay-walking in front of the FBI building. That's right, we're dangerous! But finally figured out the metro now, I think. About time. Oh also as you know I stayed home Wednesday in the hope that I would get all my work done before Caps U so I wouldn't have a million things to worry about Thursday night, but as you may have noticed, that backfired a little (a lot). Oh well, Caps U was fabulous and I loved it and I now love hockey about 33 times more and mucho thanks to my godmommy of love for taking me!! THANKS! :D

Thursday: Okay, I know some kids stay up till the wee hours of morning every night doing homework, but I just don't see how. I only got 3 hours of sleep and I felt like crying all day at school. I can't believe I'm not asleep now, it's almost midnight, geez. Just catching up on Internet stuff though, geek that I am. Finally finished (well as much as possible) wedding project at 2:30 am. Not cool, my friends. Please remind me to NEVER PROCRASTINATE AGAIN.

Friday: Finished project during German, haha. During that period, stress overtook fatigue, but then went back to exhaustion afterwards. Um. I hope we get an A. I saw other people's binders though and they were all so freaking good. And we're being graded against each other. Also not cool. Then today after school, should have finished IU Honors App, wanted to take a nap, but instead took out contacts for a while and read more of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. So good. Almost finished, anyway, then can start reading book for government project. ;) Right. No more procrastination, I know. I meant starting tomorrow.

So this weekend I want to get as much stuff done as possible so I hopefully won't have approximately 19 nervous breakdowns during the week again. That would be good. Also though will have some fun and see Miracle tomorrow with Aunt Lisa. Yay! And now, I desperately need sleep. Adieu. If you read this far, you must really like me. Aw shucks. You're sweet. P.S. I know I must have been busy this week, because I looked back and realized I only watched 30 minutes of TV from Monday to Friday, and that was Friends last night while I was working on my project because I am running out of blank tapes to videotape the shows I keep missing. Yeesh.

Posted by Lauren at February 20, 2004 11:53 PM


Ooh, wow. You've had the most stressful week of your life... while I had the entire week off ;D Well, from school, anyway. I had work everyday this week. (But that means a nice, fat paycheck! I worked over 35 hours. Woo-ha!)

What's PVI? You've mentioned them before but I didn't ask 'cause I thought maybe I was supposed to know it. But this is the second time and I still don't know who/what that is.

Get some sleep, go see Miracle, and... have fun!

Posted by: Allie at February 21, 2004 09:38 AM

PVI= Pope Paul the VI Catholic High School, they are our rivals and the HS Laur and I should've gone to cuz it is closer to where we live. DJO= Bishop Denis J. O'Connell Catholic H.S. That is our school, just to clarify. OK now for Laur, I read the whole thing, YAY I love you. Um yeah the game last night ROCKED, Track is now officially over for winter. my mile was bad, but better than last time. I've got to babysit tonight :-p and I haven't done any homework yet. :-p bye bye!

Posted by: Maureen at February 21, 2004 04:26 PM

Yes, Maureen is absolutely right! We're the only smart ones from our 8th grade class I guess since we picked the right high school. ;) And I love both of you right back for reading that whole thing, hehe. Anyway. Maureen I will talk to you today! About Operation Michelle's Birthday! (Probably I should come up with a more secretive code name but oh well.)

Posted by: Lauren at February 22, 2004 11:03 AM

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