No \”have a nice trip\” jokes, please.

So shall we start with my amazing tale of clumsiness from yesterday? Okay: was walking to Cabell with Ana and Kristen and for some reason they were walking wayyy fast even though we had plenty of time to make it to class. So I was trying to keep up, and speedwalking + my new shoes = DISASTER. (They\’re really cute, but apparently lethal.) Of course I totally tripped, and unfortunately it wasn\’t one of those trips where you just sort of do a little hop and then get your balance back. No, this was a full-on, falling to the ground in slow motion because I know exactly what\’s going to happen and it just can\’t be stopped kind of trip, and I\’m going down and my palms hit the cement and skid and ouchies and wah. (Not to mention, approximately 70 people must have witnessed this moment of grace and coordination.) Kristen helped me though (Ana didn\’t even notice and kept on going, and yeah I am kind of tormenting her about this because I am mean like that, heh, but really I\’m just kidding, it\’s okay Ana!) and I washed my hands and cried because I am so not a big girl and scrapes freaking hurt, okay, and then I sniffled my way into Italian with paper towels squeezed between my hands because I am not exactly swimming in platelets, you know.

Anyway. All is well now. I will be sporting band-aids for a few days, though.

In other news … I finally got the total results of my CT scans, and my lung lesions are a little worse. So it looks like I\’m going to ditch the chemo (I think…? or maybe not totally) and start this drug, ET-743, which targets DNA instead. I think this will be a good change … I hope. I pretty much knew the chemo wasn\’t working anyway. Stupid chemo.

So yeah. Let\’s cross our fingers for this one to work! I would like lesion-free lungs, please (and spine and pelvis and pubic bone…). Also, tonight we played Taboo with some of the boys downstairs, and I totally own that game (at least when it\’s my turn; I\’m not so good at the guessing). Good times!

P.S. possibly the best site ever, which Aunt Lisa showed to me — heeeee. I am so going to have to submit a picture of The Baby.

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Smells like Mr. Clean in here

Oh yeah. I just Swiffered AND vacuumed my floor. Mm, lemony fresh!

I FINALLY MADE IT INTO MY ITALIAN CLASS. Wheww. After class today, I didn\’t think the prospects looked too good, which was depressing, but then later in the afternoon I got an email inviting me off the waitlist. Woohoo! I guess I must have been high up on it, since the teacher said she\’d check my position after class. That\’s a relief.

Felt a bit sick in nutrition today, but nothing a 3-hour nap afterwards couldn\’t fix, apparently. I was supposed to go with Kristen to the bookstore on the Corner (I still need the rest of my books for Lit, since McKay Used Books totally sucks now) but we\’ll have to go tomorrow instead.

Uhh. That is all. Just need to print my poetry paper and do some reading now. And then bed! And then 8am class tomorrow. Boo.

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Patting myself on the back…

Guess who was done with homework by 6pm today? Why YES, that would be me, and that even includes my 2-page poetry paper due Tuesday, thankyouverymuch. Now let\’s just hope I can keep this up for the whole semester! (It probably helps that I am finally feeling totally well and normal, woohoo! I even had 3 complete meals today, whoa. And I met two new people!)

So. Very productive day, yes. Haven\’t heard the results of my CT scans yet. If chemo stays the same, I have it sometime this week, as soon as my counts are good. Hopefully I\’ll have a few more free days where I feel well, though!

Okay, going to slack off now, or possibly I\’ll continue on my homework streak and read my Slavic class book (Village Life in Late Tsarist Russia, weird kinda things in that so far…). Unless of course The Simpsons is on…

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Friday things

Cool. It\’s 60 degrees outside. I love it.

Today started out horrendously but is going much better now. I had to get another blood transfusion today, in 2 parts because of my schedule. So I went in for my first unit at 8, which meant waking up at 6:30 AGAIN except I totally overslept and woke up at 7:10 instead. Oops. Good thing I showered last night. I also had a headache last night, which I was hoping would go away with sleep, but instead it decided to evolve! Into a migraine! So I got sick in the car on the way to the primary care center and sick again when I got started on the blood, but a cold washcloth and a nap and 2 Tylenols fixed that, thankfully. So I felt fine for Italian and Nutrition. Whew. (Then I got Unit II after Nutrition, so I\’m all blooded up — that\’s 4 units in one week!)

Still not officially in Italian, but I\’m still pretty sure I can get in. The professor just needs to invite me from the waitlist, and I got the impression today that she would, but instead she just emailed me the things I couldn\’t download from toolkit since I\’m not officially in the class. Hm. Well, maybe this weekend she will sort it out.

Slavic was fine and seems like it will be interesting enough. It\’s basically a class on Russian/Ukraine life rituals and folklore. And lots and lots of reading.

Lit was also good (especially since we got out early!). I didn\’t realize it was the intro class for people considering English majors, but I don\’t think it really matters. I might be, anyway. I was thinking the other day maybe I could be an editor. I like (fine, love) to proofread, and I\’d get to read all the new books coming out! Could be an option, I don\’t know. Anyway, I already have a poetry project to do in that class over the weekend. My poem is \”My Dear and Loving Husband\” by Anne Bradstreet (one I\’ve done before in HS English, so that\’s a plus). We can memorize and recite for a perfect quiz grade, so hey, I\’ll take that. Mine\’s only 12 lines, and it rhymes! I\’ve already got the first 8 lines down, more or less. And the paper only has to be 2 pages. Shouldn\’t be too bad.

Tomorrow I have to be home for CT scans to see how chemo\’s working. Prayers, please? Hope I\’ve made some progress (in the right, non-bad direction). Tonight I think we\’re getting soup downtown somewhere. Yay, soup! Buona fine settimana!

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Can I just say that waking up at 6:30am TOTALLY SUCKS. This better be one good Lit class.

I think I\’ve got a good chance at getting into the Italian class. It sure made me feel better to discover that about 6 other people were in the same position as me! It was a tiny classroom, but we all fit yesterday, so hopefully it will work out. Really cute teacher, she\’s Italian and pretty young and seems nice. I was also relieved to find out I was not the only one who forgot all my Italian over break. Heh. We were all like, Come se dice \”rusty\”…?

3 classes today … Intro to Literary Studies (ugh. I am just telling you now, I will not be bothering to shower this freaking early on Tuesdays and Thursdays and there\’s nothing you can do about it!), Italian again, and Slavic Family Life and Ritual. Hope that one\’s good, but at least Katherine is taking it with me! Then I have to get platelets again, those babies sure do drop fast. (BTW, wish I could say I made it through yesterday without getting sick, BUT NO. At least I was in my dorm at the time, though.) Okay, better finish getting ready. Hope I don\’t fall asleep. See ya.

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Sooo much excitement

Ohh boy. First day of classes. Well, I only have two today, and they\’re both just 50 minutes, so I think I\’ll live. Italian at 11, biology (nutrition) at 1. Kristen (my roommate) is in bio too so that\’s good (I think Lauren might be too, but I haven\’t talked to her in a while). The only problem is that technically I am not in the 11am Italian class, so uh, yeah. I emailed the professor yesterday to plead for a spot because otherwise I have two conflicts in my schedule buuut the email got bounced back. So I emailed the dean, who offered to help a while ago, buuut he never got back to me. (I guess this is why you don\’t wait till the day before to do these things? Hm.) So my new plan is to just … show up. Okay then! Good luck to me.

I didn\’t get back to the dorm until about 8 last night and I was the last one back in my suite. I guess I\’m the only one who wanted to make the vacation last as looong as possible? Still need textbooks though. I\’m really not looking forward to going outside, since I can hear the wind screaming. Yiiikes. At least I have my lovely mom chauffeur, heehee.

By the way, I have a new gmail address. I saw that someone got to my site by searching for \”the mighty laur\” and I thought it was too good to pass up (i.e. steal for myself). Ergo,! So I\’m going to have getawaydrivrr@gmail forward to that one. (You can use either, but I\’ll reply from themightylaur.)

Okay, back to eating applesauce until it\’s time to go to class. Hope I didn\’t forget all my italiano knowledge…

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3 Cheers for Blood

Oh yes! Finally feeling somewhat better. It\’s amazing what a couple units of the red stuff can do. Yesterday morning I felt more awful than usual, and had to go to the hospital anyway for platelets. Got some fluid too because I\’ve been feeling pretty dehydrated. I knew I needed blood but the doc said I was okay to go home. Psh. Lies. So my mom drew my blood again this morning and I was even lower than yesterday, so of course I had to go back to the hospital for a transfusion and that took pretty much all day. I can actually like, walk standing upright and without feeling my heart pounding in my head now though, so yay for blood!

I would\’ve gone back to school today, except for … yeah, see above paragraph. So tomorrow we will go. My mom\’s got an apartment down in C\’ville now so she can stay in the area, which is nice. Wish it weren\’t necessary, but I definitely appreciate it! Ack, just one more day till classes. :/ Actually, now that I\’m feeling more okay, I\’m looking forward to them juuust a tiny bit. Except I still haven\’t emailed the Italian prof. about trying to switch to the 11am class so that I don\’t have a completely impossible schedule, and I hope a last-minute email won\’t influence him/her to not let me in the class … whooops.

So yeah, wish me luck there? Oh, and I forgot! Also please wish me luck in not throwing up, because I didn\’t do very well in that area yesterday or today, and I don\’t really know why because I wasn\’t that nauseated. But um, well … I definitely know to always be prepared with a bucket now, because yesterday on the way home from the hospital I just … well … sorry, Dad\’s car. :/ And sorry to you all, because I\’m sure that one falls under the category of TMI.

Well, so as not to leave you with that lovely image, I have a confession to make: my current guilty pleasure is watching Ella Enchanted. Over and over. Yeah, it\’s cheesy, and nowhere near as good as the book (which I really want to reread now, actually), but if you don\’t compare them, it\’s a pretty cute movie. Okay, and the other, bigger reason I keep watching it? Prince Char (played by Hugh Dancy). SWOON. Sooo pretty. Hmm, maybe will just see if it\’s on TV now… (yeah, I need help)

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