Nothing new here, but…

Oh, apparently I know nothing. Though I said yesterday (well, now actually two days ago, technically) that I had no idea when I was getting out of here, the word \”discharge\” was bandied about quite a few times in the morning! (And just so we are all clear, since one of my suitemates was not ahem, Mary Anne ;), I also came BACK to Children\’s in the ambulance th\’other day, since I kinda mentioned I was back in the Princess Room — BUT, I was not explicit, and yeah, I can see how one might think I was staying at NIH for radiation, buuut: wrong! Sorry \’bout that!) Er, anyway: so it is possible I could be out around Monday? And please, do NOT take my word for this: it comes from the mouths of doctors. But, if I am out, looks like I will probably have my chest tube still in for a bit longer, and will DEFinitely still be on oxygen — and the latter for an indefinite period of time, probably till some of my lung tumors shrink, for better O2 saturation. OH: also possible will not do radiation now — pain is really feeling better in leg, so it\’s up to me. (Still thinking — not next week now, anyway.)

In that case, I\’m thinking I\’ll only go back to school for a day or two — and then, just to see all my beautiful suitemates and get assignments (thousands and thousands of assignments! *dies*) — seriously doubt will attend classes, especially with O2 tube … certainly not w/ chest one! Anyway, missed 17 days (incl weekends tho) already so highly doubt anyone would miss me a few more!

Well that\’s all you get for now b/c I am typing ONE-HANDED, UGH, since stupid pulse-ox taped to finger gives me so low O2 sat readings, and then so loud beeeeep, beeeeeps– not very nice, really. Oh, but to end with joyous news, had a bath today! Hurrahhh! Oh right, and besides being clean (not that that\’s not V. important, truly!), had a chest Xray that said my fluid sac was looking clearer yayyy! And of course, just ONE more happy-happy thing: much love to the very grown-up Michelle on her (technically yesterday)

and phewww. NO. more. typing.

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3 Responses to Nothing new here, but…

  1. Godmommy says:

    Ummm, what?? I can definitely tell it was 1:40am girly — I had to read that one twice to get the nuggets of info included therein. I think I got the gist of it though. Glad the pain is receding and if my mom can get off oxygen, you can too! :) Much love and stuff. Will see you tomorrow!

  2. Roger Frantz says:

    What is the sound of one hand’s clapping…er…typing? Just kidding! Remember, being on oxygen means no blowing out of candles…just got that tip from Smokie the Bear. Very happy that you are keeping the blog current…give that girl a hand…really. O.K., o.k., I’ll stop.

  3. Moe says:

    Hey chica, you amaze me once again, typing one handed and a really long entry. Hope you are doing better, and can get outta there soon. I am being swamped w/ HW too, hopefully we can make it until spring break!!Love ya.

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