Not much new…

I am on physical therapy now, though. That\’s kinda good, gets me up and walking finallyyy. (It\’s going pretty well too, though got a little tiring today.) And I even remembered my therapist from like, a year and a half ago when I had my leg surgery! (I do have some new ones, too.) And I\’ve got some leg stretches to do in bed, which I just realized I haven\’t done at ALL yet, OOPS. (Will do so before I go to sleep, promise!) In my defense, I\’ve fallen asleep about 6 times today, thanks to the increase in one of my medications. Still in pain but I\’m hoping this time it might actually work … and ALSO hoping that I will obtain some tolerance in the sleepiness area, unless I want to doze off (or shall I say \”dose off\”? heehee) while reading forever (or until this pain stops). No thanks! Actually got some Italian homework done, though. So that\’s all that\’s going on for now! Lots of pills, lots of naps, little bit of homework, little more PT, and very little eating (although I did do better there the past couple days!). And so I pass my time. :)

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  1. Pat Meyers says:

    Yay, I get to make the first comment.! Uhhhh…I don’t really know what to say. Lol. We are still in New York. It was lucky Tom drove us because we really need a driver up here; it turned out we had to go from the outpatient clinic to the hospital for an after hours blood draw (pro forma, but no one had mentioned this to us until about 5 PM) From the outpatient center the hospital is about 15 short blocks one way, two or three long blocks the other way.
    Good things- very chic infusion room with choice of chair or fullsize bed. Decent sandwich shop on first floor of the outpatient center. Cute hotel called The Library. The rooms have Dewey Decimal classification numbers and appropriate books for the subject matter you are spending the night in. We are in 600.002, Manufacturing. Down the street is MOMA. At 2:30 AM we snuck down to the Reading Room (where they have breakfast set out) and had hot chocolate.
    Feel better Lauren! We want to go have gelato with you and get some crash course Italian lessons!

  2. ANN HANLON says:

    Hi Lauren,
    Haven’t written in awhile…just your Catonsville cousin checking in. You are amazing and a true inspiration. The prayers are still coming from all of us up here and hopefully that miracle is just around the corner! Tell your family hi from me and know that lots of good energy is coming to you from Maryland!! Ann

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