A Day of Visitors

What fun! First Mary Y, my wonderful nurse practitioner, came to see my mom and me, which was very very nice! I got lovely presents too, including a silly little chocolate chip cookie book (includes recipe!) and a very nice little scrapbook. She got to stay for a while and chat and I only remember a bit of what we talked about because unfortunately, we have to face it at some time, that I am just completely and totally losing my mind at this point. But what can ya do. :)

So after that, Ami & the adorable Tyler came to visit, which was also wonderful! Especially since they brought some baked goodies (chocolately mint cookies which I don\’t know the name of, other than \”delicious,\” and perfectly moist and chewy brownies), as usual, and which Tyler always helps to make, and I gotta say, the kid\’s got a future in baking! ;) (They brought other cute presents too, as they\’re always just way too generous, what can I say — besides a big ol\’ \”thank you,\” of course!) So they had some fun in my Princess Room and Ami helped me with a project for my Slavic class and it was all very fun and great to see them. :)

The final visitors were Dad and Christine, which was nice because I haven\’t seen Chris in just over a week, I think! And then it was not so nice because she was in a bit of a blue mood (shall we say) and kind of cut the visit short. Oh well. Anyway! The weekend went well. Finally got caught up on most of my UVA mail and discovered that my Italian professor is under the impression that I have been keeping up with my assignments — gulp! (I mean, maybe I did kind of mention to my mom that she could tell my prof something to that effect, but then hi inability to breathe, and lung procedure, and other maladies, etc.!)

So! In conclusion, really gotta get cracking on some homework this week, especially since still have not heard anything at all about when tube is getting out and so consequently when I am getting out. So in the meantime, I will work my twitchy bitty fingers off (heeheehee…)!

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