Hard to type when falling asleepzzzzz…

Oh Friday! What joy. I\’m happy because I\’m going home soon and not coming back till Sunday afternoon. Too bad I have to spend part of my time at home going to Children\’s tomorrow and getting a ton of CT scans. :/ The regular chest and leg, plus the brain (aaah) as well as … arm (left arm hurts like it\’s bruised, but there aren\’t any there) and stomach, I think. After throwing up TWICE on Wednesday AND on Thursday, my mom did a little Veronica Mars-style sleuthing and found out my major pain med has side effects of nausea, vomiting, and dry mouth (a recently-noticed symptom), we have decided that\’s the key to what\’s making me nauseous! Seems very likely, especially since upping the dose over the past TWO days … hmm? Making a connection? ;) Okay then.

I think I\’ve caught most of the typos I\’ve made so far, but apologize very much for any I missed, because lately I have been kind of falling asleep every 2 seconds while reading or writing and I guess blogging too. Soooo drowsy. :( Aunt Lisa and my mom have been working with this nutrition guy this week to get me lots of weird-sounding stuff that should boost my immune system. That would be swell! So I should be starting that this weekend and please let it work.

Can\’t focus anymore on this so think I will lie down a bit. Filled in most of the important parts of the past few days (except sadly I had to miss a few classes this week, boo — I was doing so well before!!), and also I still have to share my great new game with you: \”How Many Public Restrooms Can Lauren Throw Up In Around Grounds?\” This was started on Wednesday, when I threw up directly after Italian AND Nutrition! Bonus points if you skip the restroom part and just throw up in a public area, but I haven\’t stooped that low yet, whew.

Okay, NOW it\’s time to rest. Yaaawn. Happy weekend!

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7 Responses to Hard to type when falling asleepzzzzz…

  1. Moe says:

    Wake up girlie!!Hope you scans go well. I had to work tonight, and again tomorrow morning :-( But then Irish Club Formal, I will send pics!!

  2. jason says:

    You should totally start a puke blog. No pictures or anything gross, but just an evaluation of the best bathrooms and public places to puke. I think it might come in handy. (On a semi-related, I just recently learned that some people don’t consider you a true New Yorker until you’ve puked out of a cab. See how important puking is?)

  3. Godmommy says:

    hahah I second that – a puking across america blog! I also second the “no pics” rule as I am just now getting over my peculiar fear of all things vomitty (thanks, sweetie. You’re the best for helping me with that!).

    Love you lots

  4. Ney says:

    Hey there, I’m almost over my puke-phobia. I had class at the hospital the other day and it was loads of fun. They gave us our own patients so that was interesting. I didn’t have to poke anyone but my partner had to take a foley catheder out! I’m moving on up in the nursing world!
    Wanted to send you happy vibes and love.
    Feel better ASAP!

  5. Claire says:

    hey there lauren, long time no talk little lady!!! just wanted to let you know that i am thinking about you. nothing much happening down here, univeristy starts next week which isn’t very exciting. i wish i could be over there with you now. all my love and prayers,

  6. Lauren says:

    People! Help! Okay, not sure if anyone will actually read this, but hi, I am dumb, and have no freaking clue what the password to my blog admin page is. (Yeah, seriously.) First of all, thanks for the nice comments — especially good to hear from you, Claire (almost-birthday girl!!)! :D

    Secondly, I HAVE BEEN CAPTURED! I came to Childrens on Tuesday for an appointment (to find out the results of my scans — part good, part bad :/) and they admitted me to get my pain and nausea under control. Well, I’m no longer throwing up, but somehow they managed to increase my pain?? My left leg is putting me in AGONY, gaaahhhhh, and I need to get out of here tomorrow to help with the FORCE benefit concert … such a pain. Oh well. Back to falling asleep now. (actually they got me a laptop this time! hooked up to dial-up, but eh.. I’ll take what I can get)

    All right, should probably stop writing an entry in the comments area now. Maybe I will just copy and paste later! Whee.

  7. ami says:

    Ah – good to see you’re back blogging and that you got a laptop – see that’s the benefit of Children’s – when I was at INOVA all I got was a TV with a bad remote!

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