But it\’s for a good cause!

People, I have come to beg you for money. Wait, don\’t run away yet! It\’s for my FORCE Relay For Life team at school. I already sent out an email to a lot of friends/family when I first signed up, and by the way totally blew everyone else away with the amazing generosity of the people I am lucky enough to know, but you see, we can\’t lose that reputation now that others are getting in the game, so I thought I\’d come to you, my loyal readers! (FORCE, by the way, is the anti-cancer club I\’m in: Fighting, Overcoming, and Responding to Cancer Everywhere.) If you\’ve already donated, thank you so very much for helping me out! And if you haven\’t, please consider some contribution, no matter how small. Here\’s the link to my Relay page: Donation Page. You can easily contribute online or even print out a donation page and mail it in. I know you guys won\’t let me down, and I\’m very grateful! Thanks for reading through that! :)

Okay, now that my sales pitch is out of the way, I really should get started on some homework since I realized during Lit today that I am terribly, terribly behind in the reading for that class. Whoa. What have I been doing?? But I just wanted to keep you informed that I had an ultrasound for my gallbladder today and it is shockingly FINE (seriously, I\’m more surprised to hear that than anything else) and I\’m also supposed to up my pain meds to hopefully help with this new and unpleasant lung/back pain I\’ve been having (especially since it\’s just awful when I\’m lying down and trying to sleep, oof) and I also got a chest X-ray to see what\’s going on there although I don\’t think the doctor exactly knows yet (maybe another nerve thing?). So basically, things are confusing, and I hope my anti-nausea meds from today will work the whole week (seem to be okay so far at least…) and that these pain meds work, and then I\’ll be okay for at least a few days until some other part of my body wants to get in on the action. All right, homework time, except I now only have 10 minutes to work until CSM dinner. D\’oh.

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2 Responses to But it\’s for a good cause!

  1. Nunc says:

    What does “being a team member” involve? Is this fundraiser a team running event that donators give so much per mile?

    Miss yah. Look forward to the real summer and you visiting the house.

  2. Lauren says:

    Hmm, good question, Nunc! Actually, I’m not entirely sure. Since it’s a relay team, I *think* each member walks or runs only one lap (walks, in my case, of course!) — at least that’s what I got from the site — and it doesn’t seem to be like a certain amt donated per lap/mile/etc. type thing. I’ll ask for more details at the next FORCE meeting (Monday), though. I can’t wait to visit over the summer too! And no job this time so I’ll probably just neeever leave, hehehe. ;)

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