Better yet? Nope!

Haaate the nausea so. Went into the clinic for some fluids today and the doctor was there and after observing me doing what I do best (i.e. throwing up, of course) she thinks there might be a problem with my gallbladder. You should ALL believe me well when I say I honestly would not be surprised at this point. Yeesh. I\’m going back tomorrow for some IV anti-nausea meds, thank goodness (and perhaps a GB ultrasound). I hope the meds hold me for a while. I would so love a nausea-free week! My doctor also told me, before I went home, to have some fun tonight! \”Fun?\” What is this fun? Does not compute. Okay fine, it\’s not like I\’m swamped with homework, just that I don\’t really feel well enough to have fun. Wah. I know, I know, could I possibly complain anymore? (Yes, I can, in fact: my lungs hurt now too! Awesome.) She did mention this very cool-sounding Italian place downtown called \”Milano\’s\” (I think) that serves excellent espresso, coffee, and GELATO! and also plays Italian movies upstairs. Sounds molto divertente to me! Maybe not today, but I will definitely make it there eventually! So on the brighter side (there is always a brighter side!), I got a 96 on my Italian test (whewww) and I had a nutrition test today that I think I did pretty well on (hope so because if we get A\’s on all 7, we\’re exempt from the final!), only there was one horrible math problem that I spent about 10 minutes on (keeping in mind of course that I haven\’t taken math in … a year and half now? yeahhh). But my mom looked at it and thinks I might actually have gotten it right. That would be spectacular. But I think I got most of the rest correct, at least. Cross those fingers! ;)

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  1. Ami says:

    Booh – Tyler has a fever so we can’t come to visit you and your mom tomorrow!! And Booh to your gallbladder – although, my mom had hers out about two years ago and it was a little pocedure in that they don’t do any cutting open of your body, just three small holes to send something in to get at it. (yeah ok that sounded very medically-savy – I need to watch more Grey’s Anatomy) Hopefully you won’t get to that but just wanted you to know.

  2. We have a Milano’s here too, but its not as cool by any means. It use to be a cheesy little carry out/sit down bar, but now they re-did it and its like a sit down place but has video game too. I would like to go to yours though, it sounds a lot better. I hope the anti-nausea meds work, I want you to have a good week and have some fun! When is your spring break, cuz I either want to visit you at UVA, or have you come to Nags Head for a few days if you feel up to it, or just hang out and be the cool slackers that we are. Let me know!!

  3. Roger frantz says:

    Hi Lauren, I had forgotten about this site until today, so am glad to be able to catch up on how you’re doing. Did anyone ever tell you that you are a terrific writer? I know that you are, because I am, and…birds of a feather, and all that. Anyway, I plan to contribute some comments, if that’s o.k. with you. Ye olde counselor

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