No \”have a nice trip\” jokes, please.

So shall we start with my amazing tale of clumsiness from yesterday? Okay: was walking to Cabell with Ana and Kristen and for some reason they were walking wayyy fast even though we had plenty of time to make it to class. So I was trying to keep up, and speedwalking + my new shoes = DISASTER. (They\’re really cute, but apparently lethal.) Of course I totally tripped, and unfortunately it wasn\’t one of those trips where you just sort of do a little hop and then get your balance back. No, this was a full-on, falling to the ground in slow motion because I know exactly what\’s going to happen and it just can\’t be stopped kind of trip, and I\’m going down and my palms hit the cement and skid and ouchies and wah. (Not to mention, approximately 70 people must have witnessed this moment of grace and coordination.) Kristen helped me though (Ana didn\’t even notice and kept on going, and yeah I am kind of tormenting her about this because I am mean like that, heh, but really I\’m just kidding, it\’s okay Ana!) and I washed my hands and cried because I am so not a big girl and scrapes freaking hurt, okay, and then I sniffled my way into Italian with paper towels squeezed between my hands because I am not exactly swimming in platelets, you know.

Anyway. All is well now. I will be sporting band-aids for a few days, though.

In other news … I finally got the total results of my CT scans, and my lung lesions are a little worse. So it looks like I\’m going to ditch the chemo (I think…? or maybe not totally) and start this drug, ET-743, which targets DNA instead. I think this will be a good change … I hope. I pretty much knew the chemo wasn\’t working anyway. Stupid chemo.

So yeah. Let\’s cross our fingers for this one to work! I would like lesion-free lungs, please (and spine and pelvis and pubic bone…). Also, tonight we played Taboo with some of the boys downstairs, and I totally own that game (at least when it\’s my turn; I\’m not so good at the guessing). Good times!

P.S. possibly the best site ever, which Aunt Lisa showed to me — heeeee. I am so going to have to submit a picture of The Baby.

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3 Responses to No \”have a nice trip\” jokes, please.

  1. Maureen says:

    #1 I hope your new drug works, and you know you are in my prayers constantly!!
    #2 Your new shoes are super cute, I might have to get some.
    #3 Normal falling isn’t as bad as falling on a treadmill in a gym with lots of cute guys. And it wasn’t even normal falling, I grabbed on to the bars with my arms, but my legs were like trailing along behind and I tried to start them up again, but the treadmill was still going really fast. Damn that was embarassing.
    #4 I shall call you soon!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Aww, Moe, thanks! And hehe, yeah, unfortunately yours does sound pretty embarrassing … at least with my fall, I had the pain factor to take my focus off any possible embarrassment (at least for a few minutes!).

  3. Michelle says:

    Yipes, amiga! Palm scrapes are some of the worst. I’m praying for the new drug to work, as always. And yes. The shoes are super-cute, but I can tell how they might not function as intended sometimes. Oh, clogs. :)

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