Friday things

Cool. It\’s 60 degrees outside. I love it.

Today started out horrendously but is going much better now. I had to get another blood transfusion today, in 2 parts because of my schedule. So I went in for my first unit at 8, which meant waking up at 6:30 AGAIN except I totally overslept and woke up at 7:10 instead. Oops. Good thing I showered last night. I also had a headache last night, which I was hoping would go away with sleep, but instead it decided to evolve! Into a migraine! So I got sick in the car on the way to the primary care center and sick again when I got started on the blood, but a cold washcloth and a nap and 2 Tylenols fixed that, thankfully. So I felt fine for Italian and Nutrition. Whew. (Then I got Unit II after Nutrition, so I\’m all blooded up — that\’s 4 units in one week!)

Still not officially in Italian, but I\’m still pretty sure I can get in. The professor just needs to invite me from the waitlist, and I got the impression today that she would, but instead she just emailed me the things I couldn\’t download from toolkit since I\’m not officially in the class. Hm. Well, maybe this weekend she will sort it out.

Slavic was fine and seems like it will be interesting enough. It\’s basically a class on Russian/Ukraine life rituals and folklore. And lots and lots of reading.

Lit was also good (especially since we got out early!). I didn\’t realize it was the intro class for people considering English majors, but I don\’t think it really matters. I might be, anyway. I was thinking the other day maybe I could be an editor. I like (fine, love) to proofread, and I\’d get to read all the new books coming out! Could be an option, I don\’t know. Anyway, I already have a poetry project to do in that class over the weekend. My poem is \”My Dear and Loving Husband\” by Anne Bradstreet (one I\’ve done before in HS English, so that\’s a plus). We can memorize and recite for a perfect quiz grade, so hey, I\’ll take that. Mine\’s only 12 lines, and it rhymes! I\’ve already got the first 8 lines down, more or less. And the paper only has to be 2 pages. Shouldn\’t be too bad.

Tomorrow I have to be home for CT scans to see how chemo\’s working. Prayers, please? Hope I\’ve made some progress (in the right, non-bad direction). Tonight I think we\’re getting soup downtown somewhere. Yay, soup! Buona fine settimana!

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2 Responses to Friday things

  1. Uncle Charlie says:

    You NEVER have to ask for PRAYERS. They surround you every day, every way!
    Much Love, Prayerfully, Unc

  2. Godmommy says:

    Unc is right – you needn’t ask for prayers, babygirl. We send them every single day. I will, however, hook up with AAM and ask him to send some magic AA dust onto the scans to clear away what doesn’t belong. He’s good at that.

    And please, quit with the barfing. There’s gonna be nothing left of you and your body will soon totally match your head. :) (We pinheads must unite somehow).

    Lots of love and prayers for a good result. Nunc stops his pokering long enough to wave and wish you luck!


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