The Ataris – You Need a Hug

I finished my last essay! HURRAH! Sure it\’s cheesy, but I don\’t care, so why should the admissions officers? Now I can slack off and watch TV and play video games for the rest of the break. (Of course I was doing that anyway, but now that pesky underlying guilt will be gone.) Thank you Maureen for a topic! Your museum curator idea (well maybe that was your mom\’s) got me into governor\’s school, and I am counting on you to get me into college too. ;) Well maybe I should stop celebrating considering I still have all my regular homework left. And I just now remembered I have to do up to #35 on my math review sheet and each number consists of another 2 or 3 problems. Yes I did completely forget about that. Oops. Oh well. Going ice skating tonight and wearing a new scarf so that just can\’t bother me right now.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I love scarves. And congrats on the essay! I have two applications left to do today. Almost done! Hope you had fun last night at the skate rink. The party was fun. TTYL! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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