A functional holiday, for once!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wonderful day. (I mean, besides the relentless nausea and returning back pain. Everything else: A+!) Got lots of good stuff (including a blowtorch, so WATCH OUT PEOPLE) (okay fine, it\’s for creme brulee) and everyone was happy, hooray. :)

Christmas Eve was lots of fun last night as well. We got to see Dani and Jon\’s new house, which is awesome even if it is in the middle of nowhere (no, that\’s not hyperbole — their address isn\’t actually in the MapQuest database, I believe). The traditional lasagna dinner was gooood, and I attempted to make a side dish which turned out less than well, but that\’s okay, everyone ignores the green vegetables anyway. And we opened presents, and Aunt Lisa made me the BEST scrapbook ever, and I was one adorable little kid, let me tell you. So that was all good, plus we had a fun new tradition of Aunt Geri getting just a bit (or a lot) tipsy, and we didn\’t even get lost on the way home, amazing.

And do I have holiday pictures? Do I ever! Hope everyone had a fun Christmas day, and maybe Santa will make a second trip tomorrow to bring me some blood, \’cause I think I\’m getting a little low. Here\’s hoping it\’s a good week! (Just 2 more days of radiation to go!)

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