Death Cab for Cutie – Champagne from a Paper Cup

Ahh Lord of the Precious. I mean ring. It was amazing. And I know everyone else already knew that, but now I do too! Eowyn was awesome. New spokesperson for girl power, maybe. Also I told everyone Sam wasn\’t gay. Well anyway. Sadly I have one more essay to write for college. I really have no idea what to say. I do like this topic though: You\’ve just finished your 300-page biography. Show us page 217. Something like that. Could talk about anything! Maybe that\’s bad because I have no idea what to say. I keep opening up to p. 217 in different books for inspiration, but I don\’t really know what I could say about going by train to a Japanese internment camp or being accused of stealing a plum tomato. And I only have till Jan. 2. :/ Okay maybe I\’ll go think about that some more now! Hmm it might help if I knew I actually wanted to go to UVA so I could figure out how much effort to put into this.

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  1. maria says:

    wow, that sounds like the greatest topic! we only get terrible topics over here, which makes us write bad essays. good luck though =)

  2. Michelle says:

    Gr. College. ::mumbles obscenities::

  3. Allie says:

    Catch-22! Haha. I’ve still yet to finish it :\

    I say… write about… what you did last summer? Maybe baking a birthday cake? Or that gingerbread house cake thing! Something creative like that?

  4. Ellen says:

    Hurrah hurrah lotr! I love Eowyn. Hurrah for killing [mumble mumble].

    I think everyone has seen RotK now, but I’m so scared of giving anything away. I’ll be 50 and I won’t want to say anything, in case my children hear the ending. Which they will of course now.

    I applied to a whopping 3 colleges, and got into all 3. Go for aiming high, right? So now I’m deciding between Rutgers New Brunswick and The College of NJ and I don’t know where to go. Which is not a good thing, since I got in early admission to TCNJ and have to reply by Jan. 5; and my dad sent a check off to them so they’ll think I’m going, but I actually am evil and haven’t decided and am misleading them, like the horrible person I am.

    Is your autobiography supposed to just be up to this day in your life, or cover your whole life? Because if it covers your whole life, you could write something thrilling and unlikely, like: “I was elected dictator for life of earth today. My husband was excited about being the first dictator husband (??) and we went to the American Pancake House and ate pancakes.”

  5. Lauren says:

    Yes! It can be from the whole life. I read a sample essay at and some girl did that topic, but she wrote about her future, so that was pretty creative. Of course I don’t know what I want to do in the future (I mean besides ruling the world!), so that’s a slight problem. (Also I would go to IHOP to celebrate, of course!) Hmmm. I am going to end up hating whatever college I go to for putting me through all this! (Well, maybe I’ll just hate UVA.) Also, yay Allie! I was hoping someone would get that. ;D I love that book. And thanks for the help, everyone!! I’ll just merge everyone’s ideas and then have a really weird but therefore *creative* essay. All right!

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