Chemo time (again)

Just got word that my counts hit the magic number today so chemo will commence! That\’s okay, I\’m glad it wasn\’t delayed any longer because I don\’t want my Thanksgiving break plans messed with. I haven\’t mentioned it yet buuut the family (+ godmommy and Nunc) are going to France in a couple weeks! We\’re going to Paris and Lourdes for some healing action for Lauren. Of course, the only French I know comes from Eddie routines and as he has pointed out, knowing how to say \”the monkey is on the branch\” is not particularly useful when you\’re actually in France. Maybe I can practice my Italian on them, though. Anyway, that is the plan, so let\’s hope my bone marrow does not screw it up!

I was just going over the notes I typed in history yesterday (to make sure they\’re semi-coherent despite my lack of consciousness for much of class) and at one point I was trying to say that slavery was becoming more controversial in the wake of the American Revolution and instead I typed wake up. Hmm, little subliminal message to myself there? At least my brain is staying on top of things!

P.S. France or no France, Maureen and I are running away together to Egypt because I bet riding a camel would be fun.

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4 Responses to Chemo time (again)

  1. ami says:

    Chemo sucks but ooo la la Paris!!! Bob and I spent two weeks there back in 2000 (for our honeymoon). We had so much fun and there’s so much to see and it’s so pretty and it’s just cool to sit in a cafe and have a drink and think “cool, I’m in Paris!” And we don’t speak French either but almost everyone we spoke to also spoke english except for the lady at the deli counter in the grocery store (The MonoPrix) and that’s another story anyway. Wish I could come!!

  2. Godmommy says:

    Seeing as how we ain’t “action transvestites” (well, I don’t know about you but I’m not “action ANYthing” at the moment), we might want to bone up on French for dolts or something. :)

    I’m so excited!! Have passport, will travel! it’s not quite Italy (our best laid plan) but it is a good mice plan regardless.

    Wheee! 2 weeks from now we will be in gay Paris (and not Hilton, either – eww. Grossed my own self out there!)

  3. Maureen says:

    Color me jealous! France, sounds awesome. I’m sure you all will have a GREAT time. I get to go to the exciting…CLEVELAND, OHIO!!! Woot woot. Well hopefully we shall talk again soon. Can’t wait for Egypt

  4. Mary Pat says:

    You don’t need to bone up on the French–they all speak English. In Paris, I hope you’re planning to go to Rue de Bac. If you haven’t read The Song of Bernadette, take it with you. I have a copy you can have. If you want it, I’ll send.

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