So barf count… 1?

You know what\’s really not fun? Having to walk down a ridiculously long hallway when you\’re 3 seconds away from throwing up! Sure, the boys\’ bathroom is right outside my classroom, but the girls\’ is allllllll the way at the other end. Yeahhh and walking out in the middle of Italian class, not once but twice (first time was a false alarm). I knew I should have just stayed in bed this morning. Ugh. I still feel sick … and I was going to make up my astronomy exam now, but that might not be the best idea anymore. I want my mommyyy. (Luckily she is in town! Just MIA at the moment…) Blahhhhh. really not good. BLAH, I say. I go lie down now. :(

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One Response to So barf count… 1?

  1. Maureen says:

    ‘Hey chica, sounds like a rough day. I’m sorry things are not going so well. But hang in there, and things will brighten up. I would offer you one of the reese’s cups that i took out of the candy we were supposed to hand out to kids yesterday, but I doubt you want to think about food right now. Love ya!! Say hi to your mom for me.

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